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SOLUTION via the drinking water


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Animals suffering from disease disorders will first reduce feed intake while they maintain water consumption. Significant reduction in appetite and feed intake has severe consequence on the overall condition of the animal. Insufficient nutrient supply in general, and essential nutrient uptake in particular will quickly lead to an impaired overall condition. An irregular supply of nutrients to the intestinal tract will also influence negatively the micro-flora, intestinal integrity and over all animal performance.

Drinking water however offers a perfect medium for the application of supplements to overcome periods of stress, to recover faster from disease and to limit periods of reduced feed intake to a minimum. Even in case of urgency, there is no need to postpone a treatment because of feed re-formulations. As such a treatment via drinking water can be started immediately.ProductenPICT8130

Application of Innovad® Farm Pack via drinking water is a very practical and straightforward approach in farm management. Innovad has developed flexible and easy to apply drinking water treatment to:

  • Address stress & mycotoxins 
  • Prevent respiratory disorders
  • Get the animal off a quick start