Effective plant based drinking water application range


Aflorin® P L     I    Aflorin® BF L   I    Aflorin®  HP L

AFLORIN® is a botanical based FARM PACK for application via drinking water. As water is the main vector carrying molecules throughout the whole body, water soluble plant extracts are the major active molecules. Plants such as Thymus, Eucalyptus, Curcuma, Carduus, Cynara, Inula and Urtica all belong to the pool of botanicals that support and improve different metabolic pathways. Some solutions emphasise one particular topic such as respiratory or hepatic support, while others have a broader focus such as reduced appetite and feed intake, support of veterinary interventions, fever, heat stress or oxidative stress.

In order to ease the application, AFLORIN® also offers a two-in-one solution composed of a balanced combination of botanical support and organic acid.