Innovad and Pars Jivar Soufi tour Iran to promote products

Flag IranInnovad and Pars Jivar Soufi – Leila Rostami (Innovad’s exclusive agent in Iran) toured Iran’s main provinces from July 14 -20, holding several poultry and dairy seminars and workshops with sub-distributors. They also visited customers and farms in the cities of Mashad, Teheran and Ispahan. A total of over 400 industry players were presented with Innovad solutions.

The topics of the conference were :

Improving the animal metabolism and  gut/rumen functioning to alleviate stress from contaminants and increase performance and feed efficiency

  1. Stress & Toxins  – Escent® S & Escent® L
  2. Inflammation – Novyrate® C
  3. Respiratory disorder – Aflorin® P L
  4. Fiber digestibility – Fibramax®

Dr. Alireza Kadhem PhD (Innovad new Research & Technical Poultry Manager) presented in Farsi the challenge of inflammation and how Novyrate acts as an anti-inflammatory compound leading to better performance. Ben Letor and Leila Rostami’s team presented all other technologies and shared experiences of successful product applications.

Iran is ranked 22 on the list of feed producing markets with a potential to expand rapidly as the animal husbandry industry is the second wealth contributor after oil and jivar soufi