Innovad opens its doors to the Mexican market

Ricardo Sahagun Mr Sahagún Rosas was the manager of one of the leading companies in biotechnology for years and with more than 25 years of experience, he will lead the company in Mexico. His knowledge of the market and his close relationship with the industry will help to strengthen the commercial ties between companies in the livestock sector.

In addition to this, INNOVAD Mexico’s team is made up of two other highly experienced professionals in their respective markets, Dr Ruben Rivera Sarabia and Dr Alejandro Bayardo Uribe, specialists in dairy cattle and monogastrics. With this team, we are confident that we will achieve rapid growth and relationships of trust.

“Mexico is recognised worldwide as the 4th power in the production of balanced feed and represents a great opportunity to offer our innovative nutritional solutions and new approaches in health, immunity and control of toxins. We are committed to animal welfare and human health.” Said Mr Sahagún.

Mr Sahagún also commented: “We know that trust is achieved through time and experience, and that it requires open communication. Confidence arises from problem solving, showing integrity and accountability. Trust creates awareness and embraces innovation with a change that is essential for progress. For us trust creates long-term successful partnerships for our people and it is our main value. ”

Mr Bayardo said: “At INNOVAD we strive to create values with our clients through our vast experience in the field of animal health and nutrition. Our production plant, our knowledge of the local and global market, as well as our relationships and business partners have always been part of our innovative commitment. ”

INNOVAD has a strong presence in the European Union and Asia through representatives and distributors. Recently offices were opened in the United States, Brazil and Mexico, forming a technical and commercial team of over 100 people. The company’s approach is to surround itself with personnel with a vast nutritional experience in their respective markets and to strengthen the relationship of trust with its clients.

INNOVAD is a European brand that combines years of experience in the field of animal feed additives with a focus and an innovative dedication to animal welfare. Creating a healthy environment and ensuring the profitability of the producer. With its corporate headquarters and modern production facilities located very close to the port of Antwerp in Belgium, INNOVAD is in the position to serve the global animal feed industry. High quality liquid and powder products are manufactured strictly in accordance with EU directives and regulations, and are GMP certified.

With a production capacity of more than 45,000 tons per year and with state-of-the-art technology facilities, INNOVAD focuses on the production of feed additives and nutritional solutions for on-farm use in drinking water. The products focus on the control of mycotoxins, liver support, intestinal integrity, immunity, attractants, antibacterial and anti-Salmonella, bypass solutions for ruminants and natural pigments, among others.