Innovad operates advanced state-of-the-art semi and fully automated manufacturing facility located in Belgium with an annual capacity of over 45 000 tons of feed additives.
Coupled with its strategic fermentation biotechnology and encapsulation partnership, Innovad ensures that your product meets the highest standards of quality, precision, cost-efficiency and performance.

Whether your Innovad solution is a bio-fermentation product, a spray dried blend of acids, a liquid mixture on carrier, a rumen by-pass amino acid, a water soluble herbal pack, a multi-layer coated ingredient, a spray cooled target release solution, your feed or premix or concentrate or farm pack will leverage our world-class equipment.

The know-how and creative flexibility of the entire organization lies in the perfect control of the manufacture process, the fully automated processing with mixing bagging, filling, palleting lines, the skilled execution of specific requirements and the fullfilment of demanding quality management system.

At Innovad, we understand the important role of technology in bringing customer advanced solutions to market. Our Advanced facilities provide you with the following capabilities:

  • Dry & liquid mixture Production
  • Fully automation
  • Encapsulation