Medication Control


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Intestinal health is the most determining factor for pig and poultry health in general, herd performance and eventually farm profitability. Harmful bacteria like E.coli may colonise in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in clinical and sub-clinical diseases. Reduced feed intake and daily gain, inactivity and decreased social interactions are all observed in animals with bacterial infections.

In an era of increasing volatility in raw material prices and availability, being able to secure sufficient raw materials of acceptable quality is becoming one of the main challenges for the livestock industry. In an effort to reduce feed costs and to obtain sufficient raw materials for feed, livestock producers are often forced to make use of unconventional protein and carbohydrate sources or materials of lower quality. This means that animals need to be able to deal with continuously changing diet compositions and qualities, which is a risk factor for their health.

Stress plays an important role in disturbing the gut environment, leading to health challenges and intestinal disorders. In pigs, the average litter size increased, with more lightweight and vulnerable piglets during weaning.Strategy for enhanced performance and reduced medication

Regulation, food safety, animal welfare are setting up new trends towards limitations or restrictions of antibiotics, medicated feed, zinc oxide.

How to keep the performance with less medication?
By supporting Fermentation Management, controlling micro flora in the lumen and strengthening the Intestinal Epithelium Integrity, LUMANCE ® offers a comprehensive GUT HEALTH MANAGEMENT program aiming at reducing medication or cocktails of medication.