Complex containing multiple barriers to stop/control salmonella in poultry

Preventing salmonella in breeding flocks, taking sanitary measures at the hatchery , controlling the infection via the peak by oral uptake in the broiler farm are all big challenges. Due to a not sufficiently low pH in the crop, poor acid production in the gizzard, salmonella can easily multiply and transfer into the intestine where they will attach and colonise and be excreted via the faeces, ready for re-infection. Normal feed additives are not effective in controlling virulent salmonella strains. It is therefore critical to address all main routes contributing to the excretion and spreading of Salmonella.

Novibac® is a multifunctional complex containing multiple barriers to stop/control salmonella in poultry. It consists of a  blend of organic acids and salts especially designed to control pathogenic bacteria in raw materials and feeds.

  • Reduce feed contamination (acids and salts)
  • Block salmonella attachment
  • Reduce multiplication of Salmonella
  • Prevent invasion and virulence
  • Control bacteriaGREEN_novibacCF60ldef

Dose 2-5kg/ton of feed