Feed Attractants


Cibus ®    I      Mellis ®     I     Mellitus     I     Tasty Attract

Attractants and taste enhancers  are core business for INNOVAD.

The Cibus® & Mellis® products are intense, well-balanced and cost effective aromatic products combining substances with olfactory and gustatory properties.

Optimal feed intake is crucial to consume the necessary amounts of essential nutrients. Throughout their life cycle, animals are subject to different causes of stress such as feed formulation changes due to fluctuating raw material use and quality. Also, continuous improvement in breeding has led to animals with high genetic potential. Under these conditions, animals tend to reduce feed consumption, which in turn reduces their performance.

Innovad has developed a line of intense palatants that improve feed palatability, attracting animals to feed and encouraging higher feed intake, thereby optimising the animal’s performance.