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Cibus® 23      I      Cibus® 29      I      Cibus® 31     

Stable, intense attractants for nutrients intake optimisation.

INNOVAD attractants Cibus® are complex products made from carefully assembled and numerous active principles distributed among terpenes, aldehydes and alcohols in a highly concentrated form. Depending on the need and purpose, these products have an aromatic, a taste and a taste sensitivity modifying fraction.

Why use attractants?Red_cibus29

  • To create in the animal a positive association between odour and feed stimulating feed consumption
  • To trigger an increase of the digestive secretions via conditioned reflexes, preparing the gut for better digestion
  • To mask unpleasant odours from minerals, antibiotics, by-products
  • To provide a homogenous aromatic finishing
  • To avoid alarm reactions associated with formulation changes
  • To ease the early weaning process of young animals

We strive for INTENSE, PLEASANT and STABLE attractants, the only way to perceive them in a farm or feed aggressive environment.