Mycotoxins Risk Control


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TOXINS are the hidden menace in feed & silage and have detrimental consequences on performance, oxidative stress and liver function. Mycotoxins decrease the function of organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Mycotoxins are not the only toxic material that the animal has to cope with. The liver, the main detoxification organ, needs to clear and detoxify not only mycotoxins present in the feed, but also enterotoxins (toxins produced by bacteria – that are usually not checked for) and many other contaminants. Hepatic bioconversions of mycotoxins will need to take place – risking liver overload – to change the polarity. The liver may not be able to detoxify all those components properly.

Considering that mycotoxins are among the stress factors that have a negative effect on pro & antioxidant balance in the body and especially in the cell, free radicals can get out of balance. This may lead to a situation whereby the animal is no longer able to quickly detoxify these products, leading to oxidative stress.

How we can help?
Part of the answer is to build dietary strategies to enhance liver function (as well as kidney function) and to aid in reducing intestinal absorption of toxins and their related oxidative stress.