Novioro – Natural pigments

Natural pigments & source of lutein







Obtained from dehydrated, stabilised, homogenised and saponified Marigold extract (yellow pigments) and paprika extract (red pigments)

  • Highly stable product with guaranteed concentration
  • Fully integrated production process. From the seeds to the oleoresion and finished product
  • Full traceability
  • No risk of contamination
  • Trans-lutein guaranteed levels
  • Zeaxanthin (source of red pigment) level from min 3% to max 6%
  • GMP+ certified. Undesirable substances free certificates
  • Guaranteed 12 months shelf-life (vacuum sealed under nitrogen blow with antioxidant protection)

Novioro Y20 (20g), Y40(40g), L15(15 g). Available in dry and liquid form

Novioro R5 : red pigment (paprika) – 5g