Quality assurance and certificates

The quality is very strictly monitored, continuously optimized, making sure that INNOVAD standards are in line with customers requirements. Products are manufactured according to GMP / HACCP and strict safety standards.

Our quality system is set up according to and complies with the European legislation on food safety, hygiene and traceability, and is certified  to meet the requirements of GMP Animal Feed, issued by Ovocom vzw (www.ovocom.be).

Quality and safety, the Essentials foundation for trust and confidence


1. FAVV – Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain


INNOVAD® is approved / authorized for its activities in the animal feed supply chain based on its compliance with the BELGIAN ROYAL DECREE of 16th of January 2006 concerning the approval, authorization and registration delivered by the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.  Based on regular control and verification audits by the Federal Agency, INNOVAD® obtained and maintains the license for production and trade of all types of animal feed, among which feed materials, compound feed, premixtures and additives.

pdf-icon Company Registration Certification INNOVAD Belgium English 01122015.pdf


2. Feed Hygiene Legislation


INNOVAD® is operating in conformity with the European legislation on Feed Hygiene (REGULATION (EC) No 183/2005 of the European parliament and of the council of 12 January 2005 laying down requirements for feed hygiene), to ensure a high level of consumer protection with regard to food and feed safety.  A yearly external audit by an accredited certification organism confirms the above mentioned compliance by means of attached certificate.

pdf-iconCertificaat Autocontrol guide – Feed Hygiene INNOV AD NV-SA 2016.pdf


EC Regulation 183/2005:


3. Feed Chain Alliance (GMP Animal Feed – Ovocom)

Feed-Chain-Alliance-FCA    logo-gmp

INNOVAD® complies  with the requirements as laid down in the FEED CHAIN ALLIANCE STANDARD of OVOCOM, previously known as GMP Animal Feed, which serves companies belonging to the feed sector. The Standard is specifically designed for and by professionals belonging to this sector and includes HACCP principles on the different levels of the company’s activity (purchase, production and commercialization).  The Feed Chain Alliance Standard is audited yearly by an independent and accredited third party and approved for production and trade of compound feed, premixtures and feed additives.

A mutual recognition exists between FCA and  GMP+ (PDV),  FAMI-QS.

pdf-iconGMP certificate Innovad 2015 Eng.pdf
FCA documents: http://www.ovocom.be/FCA-Documents.aspx?__sys=1

4. FAMI-QS Certification


pdf-icon  Innovad FAMI-QS Certificate